Farm to Fork

Farmlink have a newly opened tailor-made teaching kitchen which can accommodate up to 15 children for cookery sessions.

Children will spend a morning on the farm, activities will include picking seasonal produce and then using it to prepare a nutritionally balanced meal in the Lowerstock Farm teaching kitchen.  Lessons will be delivered by quality.

Aims of Farm to Fork

To teach basic cooking skills to a group of up to 15 children

Educate children about the principles of healthy eating

Provide basic nutritional education on:

Food groups (fats protein carbohydrates vitamins and minerals)

  • Their purpose
  • Where they are found
  • Recommended proportions

Benefits for the school

  •  The activity supports of a core subjects in the curriculum
  •  Cookery supports for core subjects through practical application.
  •  Cookery is now a compulsory part of the national curriculum in key stage 3
  •  Loverstock Farm teaching kitchen provides a unique opportunity for schools to use it to launch teaching kitchen