‘Farm to Fuel’, The First Business of its kind!

Here at Brackenburn we harvest bracken to use as a source of fuel.

Bracken covers 250,000 acres of land in the West Country, the majority of this grows on difficult terrain and moorland such as the Mendip Hills were this land isn’t used for farming or food production.

Bracken grows vigorously and can be a nuisance so harvesting is a really effective way of control. This also allows natural growth of plants that struggle to grow amongst the thickness of bracken, like bluebells thus increasing wildlife and birds.


 (Bluebells on the Blackdowns)

Bracken is harvested in the autumn when it is dying down and turning brown, it is cut and bailed in the same way that straw would be. It is then shredded, dried and is compacted into a log  Brackettes’ which are perfect to use on log burners and open fires.                                                                           

Centuries ago bracken was used for bedding and fuel, so by harvesting we are putting it back to its original use. It also helps the environment as there is no felling of trees. Its 100% bracken!

We are always looking at ways to help our environment and find new sources of fuel. Here is a perfect example and has great educational value. On our tour you will learn about the history of our countryside and ‘where our heat comes from’. It’s a great way to understand how the countryside can help us and in return help itself.

 harvesting bracken   
(Harvesting on the Mendip Hills)                      





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