Lye Cross - Lesson Plans


Where your breakfast comes from
Countryside Code
Where your Christmas Dinner comes from
Animal Detective
Wildlife down at the farm
Work life on the farm
Food miles
The History of Farming (KS2)
The importance of pollination
Evolution and Inheritance (KS2)
Food and Farming
Different types of farming
Farm Animals


Food miles
Countryside Code
Little Red Hen
Maps and compasses
Life Cycles
Seasonal Changes
Animals and their habitats
The History of Farming
Evolution and Inheritance

Lower Stock Farm – Wrington
Farm Tour with a focus on :
Habitats, Life cycles, Seasons, food production. OR a Farm tour with Pond dipping, Tree identification, mini beats, den building, Plants and growth, Cheese factory, maps and compasses.

Kitchen at Lower Stock
A wonderful kitchen with 10 work stations and equipment provided. All you need to do is bring the food and the teaching staff.

For further details or to make a booking please contact: