Bookings made in 2019

We have always been able to run our tours, assemblies and workshops with no charge. However, charitable trusts who support us, as well as many other prospective trusts are looking at the sustainability of FarmLink and are requesting a contribution from schools. Without this, they are reluctant to support FarmLink. It is for this reason that we are having to start to ask for a small fee from schools for our services to any bookings made in 2019, there will be no charge for the bookings already made for this year.

The charges are outlined below:-

Assemblies – FREE
Workshops – £30 per day. You may have up to four workshops a day.
Farm tours – £30
Incubators – £30
Use of Kitchen – £30
Half day forest school – £15

We will cap the cost for each school at £120 per type of engagement in each academic year. We will invoice the school on half term basis. I understand your budgets are tight, but I hope you will feel that this relatively small contribution to FarmLink is worthwhile. It will enable us to move closer to sustainability and therefore secure our future and enable more charitable trusts to support us. I am hopeful that either your budgets or your PTA will be able to make the payment. This will only apply to any bookings taken after Christmas 2018 and will not apply to bookings already made for 2019.

I would like to remind you that we will still be offering a bus subsidy of £100 for each farm tour booked; this will continue for as long as our restricted fund allows it.