"I would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of everyone for your excellent workshops. The children loved what you did in their lesson and the teachers were very impressed with your delivery and the rapport you had with the children"
Ruishton Primary
"Thanks for this great opportunity to have the incubators an chicks. It has made such a positive impact on our children because very few, if any, of them have pets and they have learnt so so much, both about animalds and looking after them and empathy and the importance of being caring and gentle"
Bannerman Primary
"Les really captured the imagination of the children in his excellent assemblies. A great mixture of pupil participation, props and film clips helped to keep their interest throughout and gave the children the opportunity to learn a great deal about the countryside, the importance of farming and the work of Yeo Valley"
Filton Primary
"Engaging assemblies that introduce the countryside to the children'"
Westover Green
"Our visit to Rodway Farm was a revelation for the children  - to make links about where our food comes from and how farms operate was not only a valuable educational experience, but an essential life lesson for our pupils"
St Benedicts CofE
'Farmlink is a brilliant opportunity to bring the country side into the classroom.  Their assemblies are informative, interactive and fun and allow the children to appreciate how their food is produced. The workshops are run by professional advisors who understand how children learn and adapt to different learning styles as well as every ability.  Their wide and extensive programme of activities are cross curricular and offer something for every school. School trips are amazing and the children are given every opportunity to explore, ask questions and experience what it is like to be in a farming community. Our children are still talking about their visit during lambing season using words as awesome, amazing and brilliant!'"
West Monkton Primary
"The incubators provided our preschool children an opportunity to experience the process of life cycles as a first hand, meaningful event. The children were enthralled by the whole process, children who are often reluctant talkers wanted to tell everyone what had happened. Children who find sitting quietly for long, sat for hours and demonstrated high levels of care and concern for them. Unfortunately we even had the opportunity to discuss death with some of our youngest children. The children loved the chicks and were extremely sad to see them leave, we have already booked for next year. A truly magical experience for children and staff alike. Thank you"
Bournville Primary