A classroom in the countryside

FarmLink provides fun and learning through an informative “hands-on” approach to education in a countryside setting.

Annually we provide the opportunity for over 40,000 children to learn about farming, where our food comes from, the countryside and all the things that live in it!

We do this through a number of planned and structured topics which are delivered on working farms and in schools. In schools we have a wide selection of assembly’s and workshops, all of which meet the National Curriculum.

All tours and in school activities are led by experienced farmers, country men and women and teachers.

We have farms in several locations throughout the South West and Staffordshire and gaining more each year so keep an eye out for news!

“At last the vision of every child having the opportunity to have a real understanding of the countryside, its importance and work, is more than just a dream.”

MD, Alvis Brothers

Bring your classroom to the Farm and experience Science in the real world.

Assemblies, Workshops and Farm Tours.

What to expect on your farm visit.

Our Partners

We also have a number of other host farms across the South West.