For schools

Bring your classroom to the Farm and experience Science in the real world.

We provide the opportunities for over 20,000 children annually to enhance the learning embodied in the core subjects and in a number of the foundation subjects of the National Curriculum at all four Key Stages. This will be amended after the 2014 changes.

Visits to Farms
What to expect on your farm visit.

Visits to Schools
FarmLink can visit your school. Each of the lessons are designed to inform pupils about either healthier eating, the impact of consumer decisions on the environment and what lives in the British countryside.

Visit preparation
How to prepare your staff and students for a great day out

Health and Safety
Our policy, your and our responsibilities, risk assessment, emergency plans and first aid.

Conduct on the Farm
On the day there are a few important rules that children need to observe not just to make things as safe as possible but also so they and their classmates get the most benefit from the visit.

"There is so much that we can follow up in school."
Jenny Harper
Deputy Head, Windwhistle School